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Adiantum fragrans

Adiantum fragrans: Adiantum fragrans

Adiantum tenerum 'Farleyense' (Maiden hair)

Adiantum tenerum 'Farleyense' (Maiden hair): Adiantum tenerum 'Farleyense' (Maiden hair)

Blechnum Gibbum (150 Pot)

Blechnum Gibbum (150 Pot): Blechnum Gibbum (150 Pot)

Blechnum indicum

Blechnum indicum: Blechnum indicum

Davallia fejeensis

Davallia fejeensis: Davallia fejeensis

Dicranopteris linearis

Dicranopteris linearis: Dicranopteris linearis

Dicranopteris linearis 1

Dicranopteris linearis 1: Dicranopteris linearis 1

Drynaria rigidula

Drynaria rigidula: Drynaria rigidula

Drynaria rigidula (stem)

Drynaria rigidula (stem): Drynaria rigidula (stem)

Humata fern

Humata fern: Humata fern


IMG_5133: IMG_5133

Nephrolepis biserrata

Nephrolepis biserrata: Nephrolepis biserrata

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